→ The Things I Do For Love. -Courage The Cowardly Dog


I only like girls that can break my heart.
You know them girls wit eyes that’ll make you wonder why we think God is man and what image we were really made in and a smile that’d make you bite the apple without hesitation. Then lie to protect her for offering it to you, a love that’ll make you…


Backstage @ Sportmax Spring / Summer 2000

Q: Word. Feel u. What's ya take on havin visible tats? Like not on sum attractive or not shit but is it a smart move or how u feelin bout shit like that..

i think tats r dope as hell, like hanging paintings in ya house u know?

if it’s visible make sure the art work is neat and tight so u not out looking foolish

if u an artist than u know u don’t have to compromise shit with nobody except urself

and ya body is ya art

asked by scrillaman